Mfrs. Of: DPIC Chill Rolls, Adamite Rolls, Definite Shafted Rolls, S.G. Iron Rolls, Indefinite Chill Rolls, Forged Rolls. Bearing Chowks for Automatic & Semi Automatic Steel Re-Rolling Mills

Indefinite Chill Cast Iron Roll (ICCI)

We also Produce ICCI Rolls by sand casting technology. The hardness of these rolls varies from 55-75 shore harness. These are cast iron based rolls alloyed with Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum having a matrix of pearlite and carbide with flake graphite. The material has very good thermal properties coupled with property of imparting good surface finish to the products.

55-652.50/3.200.50/0.701.50/1.700.11 MAX0.11 MAX1.00/1.800.80/1.200.20/0.30
65-753.00/3.500.70/0.901.00/1.400.11 MAX0.11 MAX2.00/2.501.00/1.500.30/0.40