Mfrs. Of: DPIC Chill Rolls, Adamite Rolls, Definite Shafted Rolls, S.G. Iron Rolls, Indefinite Chill Rolls, Forged Rolls. Bearing Chowks for Automatic & Semi Automatic Steel Re-Rolling Mills

Adamite Rolls

These rolls are special hyper-eutectoid steel rolls alloyed with Nickel, Chromium & Molybdenum. The extra carbon and special alloys give it extra wear resistance and strength

These rolls are statically cast and undergo a special high temperature heat treatment process followed by tempering cycle to give a micro structure consisting of fine pearlitic martix with spherodised/ broken carbide.

These rolls are suitable for rolling medium and heavy Sections where resistance is very important along with considerable amount of strength and toughness. These rolls are also used for roughing stand of Strip Mill.

Microstructure of Adamite roll 45/50 Sh Chaving spherodised pearlitic matix.

Adamite Rolls

45-501.70/1.800.50/0.800.65 MAX0.050 MAX0.040 MAX0.80/1.201.00/1.400.20/0.40
50-551.80/1.900.60/0.900.60 MAX0.050 MAX0.040 MAX0.90/1.301.10/1.500.25/0.45