Mfrs. Of: DPIC Chill Rolls, Adamite Rolls, Definite Shafted Rolls, S.G. Iron Rolls, Indefinite Chill Rolls, Forged Rolls. Bearing Chowks for Automatic & Semi Automatic Steel Re-Rolling Mills

Definite Shafted Cast Iron Chilled Roll (DSCIC)

We also Produce Chill Rolls Barrels by centrifugal casting, Inthis casting rolls remain free ffrom pinholes and cracks.

The steel shafts are fitted in the Barrels with shrink fitting technology along with M.S lock nuts on both sides of the barrels. This method annihilates the chances of loosening the shafts.

65-703.00/3.200.60/0.801.00/1.600.11 MAX0.11 MAX1.00/1.300.80/1.200.20/0.30
70-753.00/3.200.60/0.901.00/1.600.11 MAX0.11 MAX1.30/1.701.00/1.600.30/0.40
75-803.20/3.500.60/0.900.70/1.100.10 MAX0.050 MAX1.70/2.001.60/1.900.40/0.50