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S. G Pearlitic

Nodular pearlitic rolls are widely used for hot rolling applications in different type of Roughing, Intermediate & finishing stands. The material consists of nodular graphite and carbides in pearlitic matrix.

Depending on the primary requirements (Whether thermal shocks/cracks, crack penetrations or wear resistance etc.) there are variety of Cr, Ni, Mo alloyed grades used considering the rolling mill operational conditions and groove / caliber design. The carbide is relatively higher in alloyed compared with standard grades.

S.G. Pearlitic (HS-60/65) with some carbides and graphite nodules.
Magnification: 500 X

S.G. Pearlitic (Nodular)

50-553.00/3.500.40/0.701.50/2.200.050 MAX0.020MAX1.30/1.800.50 MAX0.40 MAX
55-603.20/3.500.50/0.701.50/2.000.050 MAX0.020 MAX1.60/2.200.60 MAX 0.50 MAX
60-653.30/3.500.60/0.801.20/1.800.050 MAX0.020 MAX2.00/2.500.80 MAX0.70 MAX