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S. G. Acicular

Nodular accicular rolls are widely used for hot rolling applications in different type of intermediate, prefinishing and finishing group stands. The material consists of nodular graphite and carbides in martensitic and bainitic matrix. SGAC rolls are more wear resistant than modular pearlitic rolls.

Depending on the primary requirements there are variety of standard and also more alloyed used considering rolling mill operational conditions and specially wear resistance which is increasing with hardness drop if compared with standard grades considering the type of groove / caliber.

S.G. Accicular (HS-70/75) Magnification :500 X

S.G. Accicular

70-753.00/3.500.40/0.701.20/1.600.050 MAX0.020 MAX2.90/3.200.60/0.800.80/1.10